Liquid A Kit




  • NANO7™ additive system formulated by industry leading tribologist
  • Liquid A kit  fork seals are infused with NANO7™ slip particles  
  • Liquid A kit fork oil additive is blended with NANO7™ slip particles


  • NANO7™  slip particles coat the forks internal moving parts
  • Reduces friction and considerably lowers fork bushing and fork seal wear 
  • Improved riding comfort….. less friction is always a good thing
  • Compatible with all suspensions oils and components
  • Our seals are manufactured under ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications
  • Kit includes: 2 oil seals,2 dust wipers,2 oil additive packs and travel indicator o-ring

Are all fork seals the same?

No they are not.  Most people don’t think of fork seals as a performance part, but most aftermarket seals are low performance because they are so tight on the fork leg.  This tightness inhibits the forks movement when hitting bumps, so can give the forks a harsh feeling.  We do see forks seals as a performance part so we only use  Liquid A kit seals on our 48mm and 49 mm fork rebuilds. The Liquid A kit seals allow your forks to respond quickly to bumps which helps eliminates feedback to the rider.

MSRP: $72.50 USD

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