Mountain Biking Experts, Coach and Camps

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About Mountain Biking Experts – MTBX

MTBX is an established, fully insured and permitted business in the Bay Area.  Our Director is a mountain in biking expert who is trained and certified in CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and holds a California Commercial Driver’s License.  Our Staff are CPR and First Aid certified. MTBX follows current safety and risk management guidelines.

Ride Like An Expert!™  The mission of Mountain Biking Experts (MTBX) is to coach intermediate and advanced riders to build their skills and confidence, while helping them improve their fitness levels and challenge themselves in beautiful outdoor trail settings.  MTBX offers ongoing  small group rides for kids for 2 or more riders who are supervised by our expert Director and staff.  Sessions are catered to the rider’s skill sets.  Riders will grow in their abilities as they enjoy learning and improving on the best trails and make new friends!

We coach kids, teens and adult riders to new levels of mountain biking skills while they enjoy fresh air and outdoor adventures. MTBX is rated  #1 in enthusiasm and parent satisfaction! Our expert mountain biking Director and Staff make your rides a positive, confidence building experience.  Spots always fill up quickly so check our our Calendar of Events and book your group rides, MTBX Camps and Jump Clinics.

MTBX Offers These Mountain Biking Activities for Riders in the Bay Area:

  • Birthday Parties & Events – Week day and weekend bookings.
  • Small Group Rides For Kids – Ongoing small group rides for 3 hours.
  • Camps – Various camps are offered throughout the calendar year and in June through August in summer.
  • Jump Clinics – Ongoing 2.5 hour clinics, as announced in the spring and fall.
  • MTBX Race Team (Spring & Fall) – Weekly team practices and participation in regional California races.
  • Summer Overnight Camp  – overnight sleep over adventure camp in southern California the last week of July.
  • Rides For Adults & Families – Private and family rides for intermediate and advanced riders.

MTBX Provides These Types of Opportunities For Bay Area Riders

  • AMAZING STAFF!  Our MTBX Director and staff are seasoned mountain biking experts with hundreds of miles of rugged trail experience who are First Aid Certified and/or Wilderness First Aid Certified.  MTBX is a fully insured business with permits.
  • AWESOME ADVENTURES! MTBX riders have fun in their outdoor biking adventures! Read testimonials to learn about rider’s to amazing overall experience.
  • “BEST BAY AREA CAMPS!”  MTBX offers various camps through the year that are designed for small groups MTBX Camps are for riders ages 10 to 15 with previous riding experience including on trails.  Our goal is that each camper has fun, makes new friends and improves their mountain biking skills.
  • EXPERT COACHING AND SUPERVISION:  We offer the highest level professional supervision and safe riding for riders living in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties.
  • SMALL GROUP RIDES:  MTBX prides itself on providing expert supervision to our small groups of riders and campers on the best trails in the Bay area.  Small groups allow us to focus on each individual and their skills improvement.

Ride Like An Expert™ with MTBX!