Mike Marquez aka “Neezer” – Expert Off-Road Motorcycle and Bicycle Suspension Tuning

Mike Marquez, also known as “Neezer,” has been professionally tuning off-road motorcycle and bicycle suspension for over 30 years. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Neezer is a trusted name in the industry.

From 1973 until his retirement from racing in 2013 due to a shoulder injury, Neezer competed in motocross. As a Husqvarna-supported rider in the mid-70s, Neezer achieved remarkable success. He held the prestigious 1980 AMA Motocross National Number “95” by securing top twenty finishes in AMA PRO outdoor 250CC Nationals and Supercross races during the 1979 season.

Mike Marquez aka “Neezer” – Pioneering Contributions to Off-Road, Motocross Racing and Mountain Biking

In the 1980s, Neezer teamed up with Paul Turner, David Bailey’s Team Honda race mechanic and founder of Rock Shox, during the early days of ATV racing with Team Honda.

In the early 1990s, Neezer transitioned to downhill mountain bike racing, achieving a top ten finish at a NORBA National event.

As a co-founder of Santa Cruz Bicycles, Neezer entered the business startup world in late 1993. Alongside Rob Roskopp and Richard Novak, he helped establish Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes, a leading name in the industry.

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The ROCK SHOX years 1996-2000.

Neezer joined ROCK SHOX in 1996 as the rear shock tuning specialist and product development lab manager. Neezer was a ROCK SHOX team member on the UCI mountain bike world cup tour during 1996-2000 tuning for such notable talent as John Tomac, Mike King, and world champions Greg Herbold, Dave Cullinan and Nicolas Vouilloz.

A note about ROCK SHOX, RS was founded by Paul Turner a former Team Honda motocross race mechanic and  Steve Simmons,  Steve is the inventor of the modern motocross inverted suspension fork.

The FOX SHOX years 2000 – 2016.

In 2000, Neezer joined FOX Racing Shox with a few other close business colleagues, one being Mike McAndrews the founder of Factory Connection and Jeff Ward’s race mechanic, Bill Becker and Brian Lampman who are also top notch bicycle suspension engineers.

Neezer was one of the original FOX Shox team members to help develop the FOX mountain bike fork program with key roles in testing, marketing, sales and USA / international race support.  Neezer stayed with FOX Racing Shox for over 17 years, and for the last six of those years, held both the product manager and shock test engineer positions for FOX off-road motorcycle suspension racing program and is a patent holder for some of the RC3 motorcycle shock design features known as F.A.S.T

“At FOX Racing Shox  we enjoyed many successes with top amateur’s racer’s with our MX-C fork cartridges and the Podium RC2/RC3 rear shocks; for example, with riders like Nicco Izzy, Jason Anderson, Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo, Darren Durham, Cooper Webb”.

Neezer was the suspension tuner for  Jeremy Ryan, during his 2019 Loretta Lynn’s 125CC Schoolboy National Championship and was voted in 2019 by Moto Playground magazine  the fastest 125 rider in America. 

Also, Neezer had the pleasure of suspension tuning and consulting with these factory teams and riders:

  • Yamaha’s Star racing team: Broc Tickle, Martin Davalos, and Michael Hall and Team manager Brad Hoffman.
  • Factory Kawasaki Off-Road motorcycle team: Taylor Robert WORCS Champion, Destry Abbott and Justin Soule and Team manager Jason Smigel
  • Rock River Racing/Team Yamaha: Westin Peick,   and Team manager Mike Duclos
  • Factory Beta Race team: Cody Webb National Enduro Cross Champion Team Manager Tim Pilg
  • RPM/ KTM Racing team: Travis Coy WORCS Pro2 champion
  • RPM /KTM Racing team: Kacy Martinez WORCS Pro women champion
  • Team Honda of France / HDI of France: Cedric Soubeyras and Mickael Pichon
  • Mountain bike UCI world cup racers: John Tomac, Nicolas Vouilloz-World Champion, Greg Herbold-World Champion, Dave Cullinan-World Champion
  • Click MTB riderCooper Marquez   Santa Cruz video.
  • Neezer during suspension testing trip with former World MX Champion Mickaël Pichon of HRC Team Honda of France.

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